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Contra la Mort–Against Death

Audiovisual creation// Live concert // CD/DVD. Quadrant Records (Lleida, 2016)

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Sometimes it is difficult to create from nothingness. All forms of art – the offspring of hard work and a deep inhalation of this air we call life – help each other, talk to each other, embrace and strengthen each other. When poetry touches me on the inside with its transparent fingers, it stimulates me to compose music. Perhaps because it awakens in me the enthusiasm of someone who contemplates a wonder and wishes to praise it in her mother tongue. And I have always felt that music is the mother tongue that we all share.
In this box set you will find a CD and a DVD. The CD is an album where poetry and music dialogue and accompany each other. Music arises from poetry, and poetry, at the same time, grows and shows its inherent musicality when it is recited by its author. The DVD, the short film Contra la Mort /Against Death, combines three different creative impulses, with the intention that music, poetry and visuals contribute together to the happiness of the senses.
It has been said that true art is capable of putting us in a different state of mind that takes us closer to the things that matter. I believe that Pere Rovira’s book Contra la mort (Barcelona, Proa, 2011), with its unforgiving technical command, is a visceral celebration of life and love. I wish that this joint creation helps the poems resonate inside your bodies. When art resonates in ourselves with its full life-giving powers it becomes one of the best antidotes against death.

Emília Rovira (from the booklet of the CD/DVD)

Watch the trailer of "Contra la mort–Against Death"


Concept, music and artistic production: Emília Rovira Alegre

Visuals: Kayla Stuhr

Poetry: Pere Rovira


This is one of Emília's most personal projects, which started as a film she produced in 2014 and now has become a live concert where she performs with her father, the writer Pere Rovira. Contra la mort has just been released as double album/DVD by the label Quadrant Records. Emília chose a selection of poems from her father's last book, Contra la Mort, and set music to them. Scottish-American visual artist Kayla Stuhr made the visuals for this interdisciplinary creation.  


Emília and Pere Rovira © Llorenç Melgosa

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