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Emília Rovira Alegre (Reus, 1989) is a Norwegian-based Catalan-born musician and writer. She is known for her delicate and evocative melodies and her haunting, crystalline voice, which has been used in major videogame soundtracks.

Amor i ràbia, her debut album as a solo singer-songwriter, was released in 2021. She became semifinalist in the category "Best Album in Catalan" of the 2022 MIN Awards (Independent Spanish Music Awards). Her song "Dona ferida" was awarded Best Catalan Lyrics of 2021 by "Les rutes del So".

She is currently working on her next solo album with the guitarist and producer Eduard Iniesta

In 2017 she released the double album/DVD Contra la mort / Against Death (Quadrant Records), a multidisciplinary project where she collaborates with her father, the Catalan writer Pere Rovira, and Scottish-American visual artist Kayla Stuhr. In Contra la mort / Against Death music, poetry and art dialogue and accompany each other.

Emília co-wrote and sings the theme song "Winter's Kiss" for the videogame Lords of the Fallen. The song was nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2014. She also sings in the videogame Expeditions: Viking, released in 2017.


Emília's first music album was published in 2010, when she was the lead singer and co-composer of the band EnVers. Com la veu de l'aigua. EnVers canta Màrius Torres (Quadrant Records, 2010) is a folk album with a personal Mediterranean sound and ingredients of jazz and rock.

pic_interior_q2 RETALL MARC.jpeg

Formally trained as a classical pianist, Emília's music is clearly inspired by the Romantic and post-Romantic piano repertoire, French Impressionism as well as her Catalan and Spanish musical heritage. Influences of classic jazz standards and chanson française are also apparent in her works.

As a writer, Emília has published the poetry book Oslo, which won the XLIX Premi Joan Teixidor de Poesia. Oslo (Barcelona, Viena Edicions, 2016) is a collection of haikus that reveal Emília's long-time interest in Eastern philosophy and poetry and her willingness to reinterpret them from a Western perspective.

Emília holds a Bachelor and a Masters in Classical performance from the Conservatori Superior del Liceu de Barcelona and a Masters in Composition for Screen from Edinburgh University. She currently lives in Oslo (Norway), where she has learned to find serenity sorrounded by the quiet snowy landscapes and the company of magpies. She is also the founder and director of Oslo International Piano Studio.

Grants & Awards
  • Kulturrådet: Fond for lyd og bilde (2022)

  • Musikkfondene: Komponistens vederlagsfond (2022)

  • Best Lyrics of 2021 by "Les rutes del So"(2021)

  • Ciutat d'Olot-XLIX Joan Teixidor de Poesia. Issuer: Ajuntament d'Olot (2015)

  • Hollywood Music in Media Awards: nomination for "Winter's Kiss" (2014)

  • Beques per a la formació i el perfeccionament en l'àmbit de les arts (Scholarship for training and improvement in the areas of visual arts, performing arts and music) Issuer: Generalitat de Catalunya – OSIC. 2013

  • Becas de Residencia MUFACE (Housing Scholarship) Issuer: Spainish Government. (2008, 2009, 2010 2011)

  • Beques obra social Caixa Manresa (Scholarships Caixa Manresa Bank)

    Issuer: Caixa Manresa Bank (2008)

Funded projects
  • Contra la mort–Against Death (Quadrant Records, Lleida, 2016). Sponsored by: Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs and Diputació de Lleida

  • Com la veu de l’aigua. EnVers canta Màrius Torres (Quadrant Records, Lleida, 2010) Sponsored by: Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs and Diputació de Lleida

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